Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Healthy Living related to living longer?

1. Becoming more educated!
The number of exams and how you will live are linked. Jobs requiring more education often have less of a chance of becoming injured.

2.Be nice to people! Most people who actively help others, even if just once a year can be up to 60% more likely to outlive selfish people.

3.Live in a nice neighborhood!!
Poor areas have twice as many health problem.

4.Get enough sunlight
Lack of D increases risk for diabetes and depression.
Aim to get at least 10 minutes of sunlight every day minimum.MINIMUM!

5. Walk Daily
30 Minutes of brisk walking every day helps

6.Keep body mass index at a healthy level
 Healthy weight and BMI should be between 25-30. Find out hour BMI here

7.Get 8 Hours of sleep
6-7 hours of sleep is recommended every night with 8 hours at most.


  1. I'm very nice and used to walk daily, more education leading to less injuries makes sense because they are most likely to get the office jobs. I just don't get enough sunlight and am insomniac, even with my prescribed sleeping pills

  2. they actually say that sleeping pilll will NOT help you sleep better. it can actually make it worse.

  3. It's always so hard for me to go to sleep early and I usually regret that in the morning.

  4. Actually, 8 hours sleep has proven to not be good for you.

    The human body naturally only sleeps for a few hours, wakes up for a little while, then sleeps again. An 8 hour block is an idea made by the working system of capitalism, which is not the healthy way to live.

  5. Vague, that explains my love of naps.

    Brb, napping.

  6. I don't like second advice :=

  7. vague that is why i explained that 8 at MOST. some people have hypersomnia and NEED sleep. others like myself are still growing. 6 hours is what is recommended or 2 sets of 3 hours.

  8. good to know. thanks for sharing

  9. Ill just drop out of school and act like a total dick to others. After that Ill move to some shit hole and stay in the crappy apartment all day sitting on my computer eating some cheap unhealthy food and sleeping half of the day. Not really, Ill try to be good.

  10. Some common sense but others pretty interesting.

  11. yes, these should be some of the morals/values that everyone should hold :)

  12. *notes that he needs more than 4 hours of sleep*
    *Curses caffeine*