Thursday, May 19, 2011

2 Embarassing stories of my Life!

It all started at 4:45 in the morning, when I decided to go and work out at the gym. As I was coming back from the gym at about 5:45 I realized that I forgot my hotel room key. So, this meant that I would have to knock on the door to get let in to my room. So I went and kept knocking
And I kept knocking and knocking, but no one would answer the door. Finally someone answered the door. A weird man, who was very tired and angry looking. I looked at him and said Oh wait this is not MY hotel room and walked off. I went to 117...,my room was 107

This with a grumpy face was how he reacted.

My other story was a little less funny. I was with my friend Rebecca, and we were going to the cigarette store, so that I could go ahead and cash in my lottery ticket that I won. It was worth 20.00. Well, I got there and the lady goes hunny this is not a lottery ticket, I go what do you mean, and she goes you did  not even scratch off the winning numbers. I was so
My ripped 20.00 bill that I will never see


  1. hahahah bet that guy hates you!

  2. hahah, such a fail on so many levels!
    bad luck though. tough morning

  3. That's sad, but the banks should still take that $20.

  4. I've done story #1, but it normally involves a good deal of liquor.