Saturday, June 18, 2011

Viva Las Vegas-TO live in the valleys;)

I had such a blast in Vegas!This is called the stratoshpere Instanity ride. I rode it:) Super fun 1000 feet in the air.
I stayed at this hotel. it is called the orleans. had 3 pools including a massage hot tub:)
I have a lot of memories here this time with one of my best friends Monica, and I hope to have more:)
We are going back the first week in November:)


  1. Cool ride! Hey whats up? I'm about to shamelessly plug my corny blog featuring completely original comics about all sorts of things! From me complaining to me being melodramatic, you'll love some of it, I promise but can't guarantee!

  2. Ya, been on that ride. The roller coaster at NYNY is also pretty solid. The one at state line is the absolute best of all though.

  3. I love LAS VEGAS i must go in thet city same day.