Monday, June 27, 2011


I have been very very busy the past few days.
I have a boyfriend:) His name is Dustin.His EX is mad over him, so it is a bit ridiculous but it is okay:)
Today I go to the hospital place for my tests and such, hmm,I wonder how it will go.
I have been really into suicidal and emo music lately. more modern stuff. DO you guys know any?
Also, how does bad teacher sound to you guys?? reviews?
Thats for the music I LOVE <3

Have you seen this movie? Is it any good?


  1. Wtf is suicidal music?

  2. I am not sure if suicidal music is actually good for the soul, should listen to something more cheerful!

  3. Suicidal music, lol. Never heard it called that, but ya not really my taste.

    Pretty sure that movie is fail if it's the one I'm thinking of.

  4. You just need to bawww, and by mad over him you mean like there was a love triangle going on and you broke them up to get with him? Man, I need to cut back on the soaps if that isn't the case

  5. No that is not the case. It is hard to explaine. Ha! and suicidal music is music that talks and deals with suicide. Some of it is very good, and it is good for the soul to help feel emotion

  6. That movie suck, don't watch it

  7. Best of luck with your tests at the hospital. I don't know what they're for but I hope the outlook is good :)

  8. Congrats with the bf:) Im not too much into suicidal or emo music so not much to say for that:P