Thursday, July 14, 2011

As these days turn to weeks, It seems unusual....

That I am on a schedule. It sucks, it is supposed to be my Summer to have a load of fun and have fun but it kind of fails. Now, I do have fun being on schedules, but sometimes, I wonder if it would be easier just going with the flow.
Rucka Rucka Ali.. Very good artist, as saying, some of the songs are very funny while others are quite cruel, but regardless it is still good music in my opinion.
Drinking has become a part of my life, not like addiction or anything, just the nightly buzz. It is a pretty good feeling to not be stoned drunk, but to just be getting there.

This picture has a lot of meanings. It could be to resemble love, friendship, or the bonds that people close to each other share. Regalrdless of what it means, I do enjoy this picture a lot, as I also enjoy animals.


  1. darn, i remember my cat.. he bit me!

  2. It also could resemble two different species, normally seen as enemies, getting together to play. ;) It´s really cute.

  3. i love rucka rucka ali,also cute pic.

  4. haha i used to listen to Ruka Ruka all the time

  5. Picture is worth a 1000 words. That pic is cuteness overload. Though I am not a fan of interracial relationships.