Friday, July 1, 2011

Well I am stressed

1) I have a boyfriend and we are doing very good:) His name is Dustin.Today is our one week:)
2) i have to get my health together. I am on vicodin 24/7 and can barely function much outside the house. I am always in some type of pain.
3)I need a job.I have had job offers and such that I should start thinking about.
4) I need to start training for races, but until my health improves, I am out of luck for that.
5)I am giving up pop 100%. My best friend started that a week ago. I went two years without it, and it is time for me to give it up again. My boyfriend is also going to do it with me.
6)I now like Egypt Central.White Rabbit:)
So in all honesty, I do not know why I am so stressed out. I still have not found out for sure what they are going to do about my health and if surgery is required. Or maybe it is the fact that I do not know if I want to do online college, or go to Notre Dame/Holy Cross, or if I want to just go to a cheaper university. it is so much to think about that it is driving me insane.Well that is it for my post for the day. Thank you for listening.


  1. you need to take a break and relax

  2. Good job, good thing you have a boyfriend to do it with. Not only will putting your life together be easier, but it will also bring you 2 closer together. Good luck! :)

  3. Sounds like you just need to get away from stuff going on in your social life and have some time to yourself

  4. Just relax, get away from your social life and people for a while